3 Ways to Book Your Next Appointment:

-Call 949-425-9909

-Book Online

-Email info@blowoutoc.com

April Specials PLUS Packages Promotions:

-Due to popular demand, our re-booking promotion is back! Get a blow out, book your next blow out and pay only $35 for your next blow out!!! (For appointments on Tuesday-Thursday 11-4 only)

-Happy Hour is back in April: $38 blow out all month long (Tuesday-Thursday 11-4 only)

-Awaphui Conditioning Treatments are only $20 as an add-on (save $10!!!). Awaphui provides your hair with the keratin protein needed to repair damage caused by daily stresses on your hair…designed for all hair types!

Our Packages are now heavily discounted!

Queen for a Day: 3 BlowOuts: $124$117 ($39 per blow out)

Play Like a Princes: 6 BlowOuts: $243$228 ($38 per blow out)

Crown Me: 9 Blow Outs: $362$333 ($37 per blow out)

Duchess Delight: 12 BlowOuts: $473$432 ($36 per blow out)

Windsor Weekend: 24 BlowOuts: $932$840 ($35 per blow out)